Benjamin Button 2024
A Fearless future



benjamin button 2024
A fearless future

Why I'm Running

Dear Reader,

I can't pretend it's okay when it's not. The next presidential election will be decided by less people than my mom's concert. 

I know all too well that there are many challenges facing cats today. I’m throwing my paws into the ring and running for president to find a swift path to feline empowerment. I knew I had to speak meow and be a voice for the voiceless. As an advocate for feline welfare, I have a big reputation for purr-sisting in the face of adversity.

We’re not out of the woods until we all pawticipate in democracy. That’s why registering to vote is more important than ever before. Together, we can be the pawsitive change we need in this world! Voter registration is where it all begins–it's enchanted.

Not sure how to register? I got you. Click this link to learn how to register to vote for the 2024 election.

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I know with these day 1s at my side, we'll be champions tonight.
Olivia Benson
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Jenn Garner's 'little man'
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Benjamin On the issues

We do not accept donations from corporate PACs, lobbyists or big real estate interests (or anyone, since this is a fake campaign. Benjamin just wants you to care about our shared future.


"Bad Blood" Anti-Bullying Initiative

Benjamin will launch an anti-bullying campaign that aims to combat bullying and create safe environments for cats and humans alike.


"Begin Again" Rehabilitation Programs

Benjamin will establish comprehensive rehabilitation programs for abandoned, abused, or neglected cats, giving them a chance to heal and find loving homes.


"Clean" Environmental Conservation

Benjamin understands the importance of a clean and sustainable environment because the drought was the very worst. He will promote policies that protect natural habitats, reduce pollution, and create a healthier planet for all.


"Eyes Open" Transparency and Accountability

Benjamin Button will prioritize transparency in governance, ensuring that the decision-making process is open to public scrutiny because he is not afraid to say, “I’m the problem, it’s me.”


“The Archer” Mental Health Support

Sometimes you’re the archer, sometimes you’re the prey. Benjamin recognizes the importance of mental health and will prioritize policies that increase access to mental health support for cat owners and the larger community.


"Fearless" Animal Welfare

Benjamin is committed to protecting the welfare of all animals, promoting stricter laws against animal cruelty, and advocating for animal rights so animals can live fearlessly.


“I Knew You Were Trouble” Breaking Up Big Monopolies

Benjamin is committed to breaking big monopolies like Ticketmaster and going to ensure fair access to live entertainment for all. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to see their favorite artists perform live, without having to pay exorbitant prices or deal with unfair ticket sales practices.


“Look What You Made Me Scratch”

Benjamin will propose a new policy that provides funding for scratching posts in every home, to encourage cats to scratch appropriate surfaces and prevent damage to furniture.


"Long Live" Senior Cat Care

Benjamin will advocate for comprehensive healthcare and support programs specifically tailored to the needs of senior cats, ensuring they receive the love, care, and attention they deserve in their golden years.


"Love Story" Adoption Program

Benjamin Button will implement a program that encourages adoption by matching cats with loving families.


"Shake It Off" Initiative

This policy focuses on promoting resilience and embracing diversity. Benjamin Button will work to create a more inclusive society where cats of all backgrounds can thrive, and where we shake off prejudice and discrimination.


“Twisted in Bed Sheets” Mandatory Cat Naps

Stress can take a toll on anyone when time seems to slip away, so Benjamin Button will mandate a daily cat nap break for all workers to improve productivity and mental health.


“You Belong With Meow” Initiative

This policy will focus on promoting responsible pet ownership and providing resources for cat owners to keep their feline friends healthy and happy.

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